Regenerative Medicine

La Cell Factory The Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Unit (Cell Factory) has been active at ISMETT since 2007. Current cell production and research activities are aimed at supporting transplant and cell therapy clinical programs to treat end-stage organ failure. One of the facility’s goals is to become a center for cell production, storage, and distribution, and to meet the cell demand of other centers in the Euro-Mediterranean area wi to start cell therapy programs.

ISMETT’s six million euro Cell Factory has aGood Manufacturing Practices (GMP) rating. It isequipped with high technology systems and instrumentation which allow to fully meet GMP standards and provide the highest levels of quality in this field. Research is conducted in close collaboration with project partners ina network of leading centers in the field to promote knowledge sharing among allied-tech industries.

The GMP facility is equipped with the latest technology, which allows ISMETT to provide the highest level of quality patient care.

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