IRCCS ISMETT among health technology global leaders

IRCCS ISMETT in Palermo is among the most technologically advanced hospital in Europe and one of the first worldwide. The technology level achieved was certified by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives  (CHIME) in its annual “Digital Health Most Wired”, an annual global survey to assess how effectively health care organizations apply core and advanced information technology in their clinical and business programs. The advanced technologies adopted by IRCCS ISMETT allowed the hospital to score Level 7 in the “Acute” category, i.e., the treatment of severe patients. In Europe, only two hospitals reached Level 7. In addition to IRCCS ISMETT in Palermo, Level 7 was achieved by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. No other European hospital achieved a higher level. The evaluation was conducted on infrastructure, safety, privacy, supply chain, analytics and data management, interoperability, patient engagement, clinical quality and safety and, starting this year, COVID-19 Response.

“This award recognizes the ongoing commitment of IRCCS ISMETT and UPMC in over 20 years of activity to introducing advanced technology solutions and offer the best possible care to our patients,” commented Dr. Angelo Luca, CEO of IRCCS ISMETT and Vice President of Health Services, UPMC Italy . “This is the best possible start for the construction of the new ISMETT 2 Hospital that ISMETT, UPMC and the Region of Sicily will realize in Carini (Palermo), designed by Renzo Piano’s firm as the Hospital of the future, integrated with one of the largest European research centers that the RIMED Foundation is building in the same area.”

“CHIME is an organization founded in 1922, with about 2,800 members in 51 countries,” said Giuseppe Caruana, Chief Information Officer of IRCCS ISMETT. “CHIME evaluates the effective use of IT systems in hospitals through complex and articulated quality and performance indicators of the IT infrastructure to improve the health services in the communities they serve.”   

In the U.S., UPMC achieved the maximum score of 10 in the “Outpatient” and “Acute” categories; Hillman Cancer Center, UPMC’s international oncology group also present in Italy with two centers in Rome and in Campania, also ranked at the top of  “Outpatient” category.