Medical Oncology

Medical Oncologist: Sergio Rizzo

Medical Oncology at ISMETT

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at ISMETT offers patients the opportunity to continue their oncology treatment on site, following surgery for primary or secondary pulmonary, mediastinal, esophageal and hepato-bilio-pancreatic oncological diseases, related and unrelated to organ transplantation.

Located at IRCCS ISMETT Hospital (3rd floor), our multidisciplinary oncology team works together to develop a customized treatment plan designed to help patients receive the expert care they need in a safe and timely manner. Chemotherapy is delivered on an outpatient basis by a team of highly trained oncologists, nurses, and experts in the fields of psychology, rehabilitation, pharmacy and nutrition. Our approach is inspired by the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center model implemented in the U.S. The ISMETT team is trained in all aspects of this approach, which has earned the respect of oncologists around the world.  

About UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

One of the world’s largest integrated cancer networks, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center translates its world-renowned reputation for innovation, research, and excellence to locations around the globe. Our locations in Lazio, Sicily, Campania, Tuscany enable us to provide cancer care similar to what patients would find in the U.S. without travelling far from home. Throughout Italy, our patients have access to comprehensive services and some of the latest technologies and treatments available, many of which were pioneered by UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.