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Extraordinary surgery at ISMETT. Transplant of reconditioned lungs.

A bilateral lung transplant of reconditioned grafts procured with XPS™ (XVIVO Perfusion System) technology was performed for the first time at ISMETT in Palermo. This is the first time this technology is used in Europe to regenerate lungs destined to transplantation.

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ISMETT receives third reaccreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI)

ISMETT has received its third reaccreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), the organization that certifies safety and quality of care provided to patients while in the hospital.The triennial reaccreditation was given after a four-day inspection conducted at ISMETT by an international committee from October 26th to 29th.

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Does ISMETT cost too much?

In this section you may download 4 presentations on ISMETT's performance, from the efficient use of resources to the clinical, research, and training activity.