An integrated care pathway for the treatment of esophageal cancer

A minimally invasive esophagectomy (i.e., removal of the esophagus) combined with oncology care to treat esophageal cancer. Thanks to its newly-opened UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, IRCCS ISMETT is offering integrated...Leggi altro

Virtual reality in endoscopy: new technologies for patient care

Two patients underwent a biliopancreatic endoscopy procedure at ISMETT on the same day using frontier technologies. In the first case, using augmented reality allowed to create a 3D reproduction of...Leggi altro

IRCCS ISMETT among health technology global leaders

IRCCS ISMETT in Palermo is among the most technologically advanced hospital in Europe and one of the first worldwide. The technology level achieved was certified by the College of Healthcare...Leggi altro

The President of the Region of Sicily, Nello Musumeci, meets Leslie Davis, President and CEO of UPMC

This morning in Palazzo Orleans, the President of the Region of Sicily, Nello Musumeci, met Leslie Davis, new President and CEO of UPMC, the U.S. healthcare group with which Sicily...Leggi altro

ISMETT, first center in Italy for use of surplus liver donors from other regions in 2018-2020

ISMETT is the first center in Italy for liver transplants performed using organs reported as surplus by other [Italian] regions and therefore rejected, also known as "marginal organs". Data from...Leggi altro

Heart: tricuspid valve repaired without a scalpel. Innovative procedure performed at ISMETT.

Tricuspid valve repair with no scalpel, using a minimally invasive technique. The procedure took place at ISMETT and is one of the few of its kind ever performed in Italy....Leggi altro

Two simultaneous lung transplants performed at ISMETT with one donor

Two simultaneous lung transplants from one single donor were performed at ISMETT in Palermo, thanks to the generosity of the family of a young man from Salerno, on two patients...Leggi altro

Roberta Gerasia elected President of AITRI

Roberta Gerasia was appointed president of the new board of AITRI, the Italian Association of Interventional Radiology. AITRI is the main point of reference in the field. It is a...Leggi altro

Oncology: ISMETT at the forefront of liver cancer treatment with transplants

An Italian woman from Catania with a cholangiocarcinoma, a liver cancer affecting the biliary tract, could not undergo a surgical resection that represents the standard treatment for this type of...Leggi altro

A new record at ISMETT: eleven transplants in slighty more than 48 hours

One of the recipients is a 10-month-old baby Eleven transplants performed in little over 48 hours, an extraordinary event at ISMETT, the transplant center established in Palermo thanks to an...Leggi altro
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