Pediatric abdominal surgery waiting list cleared thanks to IRCCS ISMETT-Civico agreement

ISMETT has completed all pediatric surgical cases referred by ARNAS Civico.  The procedures fall under the scope of an agreement between the Region of Sicily, the Sicilian Regional Health Department, ARNAS Civico, and ISMETT whose aim was to reduce waiting lists at Di Cristina Children’s Hospital of Palermo.

A protocol signed on March 29 in the presence of the President of the Region of Sicily, Mr. Renato Schifani, outlined that ISMETT would offer surgery to pediatric patients on the abdominal surgery waiting list of Di Cristina Children’s Hospital in Palermo.

The last two procedures will be performed in the next few days, due to special needs of the patients’ families, by the surgical team led by Dr. Davide Cintorino, Head of ISMETT’s Pediatric Surgery Unit, and will finally clear the waiting list. “This is quality healthcare, of which we have many examples in Sicily, and it should be always taken as a model,” said the President of the Region of Sicily Renato Schifani. “I am very happy that all the surgeries for these children were completed faster than expected, thanks to the synergy between public and private healthcare of excellence. My government will continue its efforts to resolve the issue of waiting lists so that all citizens can access treatment within a reasonable time frame.”

The agreement envisaged the end of the program by June 30, 2024 but the collaboration between the hospitals and the Regional Health Department allowed to complete all surgeries before that deadline. “We did everything we could to perform the surgeries for all the children as soon as possible,” said Dr. Cintorino.  “All patients are in good conditions and have been discharged. It was a very positive experience and a joint effort of our Pediatrics team, focusing on the collaboration between the hospitals, with a common goal to offer the best possible care to these young patients.”

“The collaboration between the two hospitals was key to achieve this result,” commented Walter Messina, General Manager of ARNAS Civico.  “Two centers of excellence, located in close proximity one to the other, demonstrated that a synergy to offer patient care and to mitigate each other’s challenges are the foundation for a more advanced and accessible healthcare for all citizens.”