ISMETT’s Radiology Department confirms its excellence in the field of radiation protection

Radiology at IRCCS ISMETT-UPMC once again proves its excellence in the international health scene. The department recently saw confirmed its status of 5-star facility of excellence for radiation protection by the EuroSafe Imaging Stars program.

Only 133 hospitals worldwide have obtained such recognition, and ISMETT was the first center in Southern Italy to receive it in 2019.

EuroSafe Imaging is the European Society of Radiology’s flagship initiative to promote quality and safety in medical imaging around the world. The mission of EuroSafe Imaging is to raise awareness on ionizing radiation protection in medicine, and to identify and recognize facilities implementing the best practices in this field.

The stars of EuroSafe Imaging represent the involvement in a network of Radiology departments committed to protecting patients and staff ionizing radiations. They are also a tool for continuous self-assessment and improvement of the safety and quality of radiology imaging. The self-assessment is repeated every three years.

“Our Radiology department,” says Roberta Gerasia, IRCCS ISMETT-UPMC Radiology Service Coordinator, “met 22 out of 24 criteria required to obtain re-accreditation. These are extremely strict criteria. Our team is already at work to obtain 5-Star Premium, a new option introduced this year, for our next re-accreditation three years from now.”