Roberta Gerasia elected President of AITRI

Roberta Gerasia was appointed president of the new board of AITRI, the Italian Association of Interventional Radiology. AITRI is the main point of reference in the field. It is a non-profit organization whose goal is to train staff of interventional radiology, a rapidly expanding medical field. “Thanks to its minimally-invasive and multidisciplinary nature, interventional radiology has become, in recent years, a valuable option to traditional surgery,” explains Dr. Roberto Miraglia, Chief of ISMETT’s Radiology Services. “The future of this method lies in the increasingly selective treatments for tumors, endovascular diseases of the large abdominal and thoracic vessels, and nervous system, performed on adult and pediatric patients in most cases with very low risks. Therefore, the role of associations like AITRI becomes more and more important since this is a field in continuous expansion where qualified training is becoming essential.” Roberta Gerasia has been working at ISMETT since 2004 as a medical radiology technician. She was the first Italian to obtain the European Diploma of Radiography in Vienna in 2019. Currently, only four Italians have accomplished such an outstanding achievement. Her main fields of research are radioprotection of pediatric and adult patients undergoing diagnostic or interventional procedures, and radioprotection of staff (doctors, radiology technicians, nurses) exposed to ionizing radiations. Roberta Gerasia has published several articles on these topics both as author or co-author ( and attended many international conferences as speaker or moderator (ECR, RSNA, CIRSE).

“The election of Roberta Gerasia as president of such an important organization,” continued Dr. Miraglia, “is a tribute to ISMETT’s ability to train excellent professionals capable of competing nationally and internationally. I have known her for many years, and I am sure that she will provide new and fresh impetus to AITRI and that she will do an excellent job