The facility

The simulation center is equipped with five simulators, i.e., high-tech life-size manikins (4 adults and 1 baby). They can simulate signs and symptoms of actual patients and, with the help of dedicated software, their vital parameters can be modified, automatically or by an instructor, as necessary.

The Center is composed of two rooms, each connected to a control cabin equipped with an audio-visual taping system for training in medical emergencies and clinical cases. The rooms are separated by mobile walls, which can be removed to make a single environment for the simulation of events involving several patients (e.g., road accidents). A skill lab provides anatomic models for manual-skill training on procedures and maneuvers, such as positioning central venous catheters and drainage tubes. Participants are welcomed in a multimedia room equipped with a video projector for traditional classes, and 15 work stations equipped with computers where attendees can take tests or consult educational material electronically. The multimedia room is also used for briefing and debriefing with tutors and students.