Two Danish children undergo meso-Rex bypass surgery at ISMETT

From Denmark to Sicily to find hope

Martin and Sophie are two Danish children, 11 and 9 years old, respectively. Both were suffering from a condition that causes obstruction of part of the portal vein, with blood not being able to flow from the intestine to the liver, which causes portal hypertension [editor’s note: in one case the problem was caused by portal cavernoma, in the second case by thrombosis of the portal vein].  The two children arrived at ISMETT (Istituto Mediterraneo per i Trapianti e Terapie ad alta specializzazione) with their parents on June 12 to undergo meso-Rex bypass surgery.

This is a highly particular surgical technique, and the only real physiological treatment for this type of condition. The technique, performed in very few centers, was invented in 1992 by Prof. Jean de Ville de Goyet, Director of the Pediatric Abdominal Surgery and Liver Transplantation Unit at ISMETT.  Both children underwent the delicate surgical operation last week and are already in good condition. “Their clinical conditions are good,” explained Prof. Jean de Ville de Goyet.  “Sophie will leave the hospital today, and Martin will be discharged this week.”

Yesterday, the Danish Consul in Palermo, Ms. Maria Carolina Castellucci, paid a visit to the two children. The Consul spoke to the families, brought some presents for the children, and met some of ISMETT’s physicians.  She visited the hospital and the new Pediatric Abdominal Unit, which will be opened by the end of the summer. “It was a great joy to see that my compatriots are well. I am happy that I could visit ISMETT and give my regards to the two little patients,” said the Consul.