Work with UPMC Italy


1 Chief of Staff’s Office [Direzione Sanitaria] Physician (Ref. MDS/20 TD)

Under the supervision of the UPMC Italy Director of Health Care Activities, the Chief of Staff’s Office Physician is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the legislation on health matters and for managing all the activities of his/her competence related to the legal medical service concerning disputes. Furthermore, he/she also promotes environmental safety, prevention of injuries, and health care-associated infections.

The deadline to submit applications is October 15, 2020.

1 Medico di Direzione Sanitaria (Rif. MDS/20 TD)



Chief of the Cardiology Unit  (Ref. Resp Cardio/20)

The selected candidate will promote and develop clinical and translational research, create national and international research networks, interact with UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh colleagues, attract research funds, and promote intellectual property and technology transfer also with researchers of the Ri.MED Foundation.

The deadline to submit applications is October 5, 2020.

Resp Cardio_20 ENG



1 Diabetology Fellow (Ref. FellowDiab/20 I TD)

The selected candidate will manage diabetes and metabolism issues of inpatients and outpatients, and the clinical aspects of pancreas or islet transplant candidates and recipients. He/She will also participate to the Unit’s research activities with a multidisciplinary approach to start new projects and actively contribute to ongoing clinical metabolic studies.

The deadline to submit applications is August 10, 2020.

1 Fellow Diabetologia (Ref. FellowDiab/20 I TD)



1 Helpdesk Operator (Ref. OH RM TD/20)

The Helpdesk Operator supports users solving IT issues reported to the Helpdesk.  He or she applies the defined policies and collaborates with system administrators solving network and IT system issues.

The deadline to submit applications is March 13, 2020.

1 Operatore Helpdesk (Rif. OH RM TD20) ENG



1 IT SAP Analyst (Ref. SAPA RM TD/20)

Inclusion in a protected category under article 1 of law 68/1999 (Italian law on work inclusion of people with disability) and subsequent amendments would be preferable.

The IT SAP Analyst supports the IT SAP Manager in the management and implementation of applications to support administrative processes, with particular reference to accounting and supply chain processes.
He/she will collaborate with the Business Key Users and manage their requests from an operational perspective, both in the area of AS-IS maintenance (information and bug fixing) and development of small evolutions.

The deadline to submit applications is March 12, 2020.

1 IT SAP Analyst (Rif. SAPA RM TD/20) ENG



1 IT Business Applications Manager (Ref. IT BAM/20)

The inclusion in a protected category, as referred to in art. 1 of Law 68/1999 and subsequent modifications and amendments will be considered a preferred requisite.

The IT Business Applications Manager reports to the Chief Information Officer and is responsible for planning, managing and implementing all applications supporting the clinical and administrative corporate processes.
He/She manages a team of IT analysts and attends corporate process ongoing improvement activities consistently with UPMC’s quality standards.

The deadline to submit applications is March 12, 2020.

1 IT Business Applications Manager (Rif. IT BAM/20) ENG