1 Farmepac Pharmacist Research Fellowship (Ref. Farm Farmepac/20 TD)

Upon submitting their application, candidates must meet the requisites and possess the preferred qualifications indicated in this call and specify them in the on-line form.


– Master’s degree in Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy or equivalent title (please indicate the final mark in the on-line form).

– Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy or equivalent, already obtained or in progress (only students enrolled at least in their third year of postgraduate school will be admitted).

– Pharmacist professional license.

– Enrollment in the Board of Pharmacists.

Preferred qualifications:

– Documented experience in Drug Surveillance.

The deadline to submit the applications is February 6, 2020.

1 Borsa di Ricerca per Farmacista Farmepac (Rif. Farm Farmepac_20 TD) ENG