If you are a patient living outside of Italy and you are interested in our clinical services, or if you want to refer a case, please send an email to:

attaching a recent medical report in Italian or English.

If possible, the medical report should not be older that 3 months, and should contain patient’s general information (age, sex, weight, height, etc.), medical history, and recent blood work results.

This will allow our multidisciplinary medical team to initially review the case and express an opinion on the possibility for you or your patient to be treated at ISMETT.

If you wish to apply by fax, please send a brief presentation letter, as well as the above mentioned medical report to:

Fax number: +39 091 2192 244

In the event you need any additional information or clarification, please call: +39 091 2192 601 (9:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. UTC+1)