Our services

Listed below are the services we provide to our international patients:

Administrative and financial services:

  • Assistance with hospital admission procedures.
  • Help with scheduling doctors’ appointments, admission procedures, collecting medical reports and arranging follow-up appointments.
  • Coordinating between doctors in home country and staff at ISMETT.
  • Assistance with financial transactions (wire transfers, check cashing, and others).
  • Coordination of discharge planning with medical staff.
  • Communications and computer assistance.
  • Periodical medical updates to embassies.
  • Cost estimates and billing inquiries.
  • Assistance with visa requests/extensions.

Translation services:

  • Language interpreter.
  • Translation of medical documents for use upon return home.
  • Help in understanding administrative and financial documents.

Hospitality services:

  • Arrangements for accommodations, depending on each patient’s needs.
  • Arrangements for an interpreter to greet patients at the airport and accompany them to their pre-arranged housing location.
  • Transportation assistance.
  • Transportation to and from ISMETT.
  • Assistance in planning tours, day trips and shopping excursions, as requested.
  • Arrangements for special foods and nutritional needs.
  • Company mobile phone for patient (to use while in Palermo).
  • Airport pick-up service and hotel/hospital transportation for the patient.

Medical services:

  • Arrangements for air ambulance services.
  • Follow-up care, including rehabilitation, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and special therapy.

Cultural services:

  • Arrangements for cultural and religious dietary needs.
  • Assistance with religious needs.
  • Liaison with ethnic communities in the Palermo area.