Supervisory Body

The Supervisory Body is responsible for verifying that the organizational, management and control models adopted by the company work properly and are complied with for the purpose of crime prevention. The ISMETT model enables anyone who acquires information regarding crimes committed, facts, and/or behaviors that do not comply with the Code of Conduct to report them voluntarily to the Supervisory Body through the e-mail address: or by mail to:

C/o Fermo Posta
Ufficio Postale Palermo, Ag.48
Via Roma, 320
90133 Palermo

In order to guarantee and safeguard privacy, this can be also be communicated anonymously.

The members of ISMETT’s Supervisory Body are:

Alberto Versace

Enrico Camilleri
Alessio Greco (Head of Corruption Prevention [HCP])
Giuseppe Dell’Acqua
Barbara Ragonese