LINE #4 – Regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, personalized medicine

Scientific Director – Prof. Pier Giulio Conaldi

The research focuses on: developing advanced cell therapies using stem cells for tissue and organ regeneration in end-stage organ failure patients or transplant recipients; immunotherapies for treatment of infections and relevant neoplasias in transplantation, neoplastic recurrences after organ resection or transplant, and induce immunological tolerance of organs or tissues; laboratory or instrumental diagnostic tests and computer applications to identify and stratify conditions of pathological risk and develop personalized medicine programs for end-stage organ failure patients or transplant recipients. The role of the microbiome in end-stage organ failure patients or transplant recipients in solid organ transplant-related diseases and forms of end-stage organ failure.

Research topics in this line will focus on the development of cell and cell-free products for tissue regeneration, anti-infective and anti-tumor immunotherapies, and immune tolerance-inducing therapies applied to transplantation. Validation of molecular biomarkers and computer applications for precision medicine in transplantation.