LINE #1 – Solid organ transplantation

Scientific Director – Prof. Salvatore Gruttadauria

The research focuses on: development of surgical and medical technical procedures and operational protocols for cell and organ transplant optimization in terms of survival and quality of life of the transplant recipients; pathogenesis of end-stage organ failure to improve identification criteria and develop new therapies; transplant immunology to optimize donor-recipient matching and diagnose and prevent rejection; microbiology and infectivology of the immunocompromised host (pre- and post-transplant) to improve the prophylaxis, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious complications.

This research line has the following goals: increase the eligibility of transplant candidates; the efficacy of the organ allocation methods; the use of marginal organs, organs from incompatible or heterologous ABO donors, and partial organs from deceased or living donors. Develop strategies to improve the effectiveness of treatments of post-transplant complications.