Patients Admission Office

ISMETT is equipped with an electronic system to facilitate access to the requested clinical services.

As soon as you arrive, the front desk staff will be available to help you.

When you arrive:

  • Take your ticket. Use the touch screen to select your service.
  • Wait in the dedicated waiting area. A monitor will indicate which counter you need to go to.
  • Go to the counter with your documentation.

At the counter, all admission procedures will be completed.

If you are admitted as an inpatient, your medical record will be opened and you will be given information about your unit and assigned room.

If you come for an outpatient visit, you will be given a document with:

  • The list of clinical services
  • The room number
  • Your assigned number
  • How to reach the room and waiting areas

The monitors in the waiting rooms will give you all the necessary information while you wait.

ISMETT is part of Sicily’s Regional Health System. A co-pay fee is to be paid at the counter where you will complete the admission process.

It is possible to pay with cash, check, or debit card. No credit cards are accepted.

The front desk staff will be available to answer all your questions.