Public Relations Office

Telephone: + 39 091 21 92 675
Fax: +39 091 21 92 244
Address: URP ISMETT – via E.Tricomi 5, 90127 Palermo, Italy

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Thanks to the Public Relations Office, ISMETT receives feedback from, and communicates with, its users/clients.

The ISMETT Public Relations Office facilitates communication with external users and relations between the institute and its users for easy access to all services.

The Public Relations Office manages relations with users by listening, managing, and monitoring complaints in compliance with its corporate policies.

The Public Relations Office reports to the relevant business areas all reported inefficiencies, comments, and suggestions from internal and external users.

The Public Relations Office supports corporate strategies by suggesting actions to improve the quality of relations between ISMETT and its users, focusing on information, logistics, and user pathways.

The Public Relations Office manages and facilitates relations with volunteer associations.

Relations with Citizens/Users
The activity of the Public Relations Office is primarily focused on quality.

Citizens and users are encouraged to submit suggestions and proposals or even formal complaints, which are considered a resource to improve the quality of public health care services.

Comments and Complaints
A complaint is a notification reporting inefficiencies. Complaints must include the name of the person submitting it, and will receive a formal reply from the institute.

Comments, suggestions, or praise require no formal reply from the institute. These will however be used by ISMETT to improve the quality of its services.

Submitting a Complaint
Users can submit a complaint or report an inefficiency following one of the methods indicated below:

  • fill out the complaint form available online or at the Public Relations Office. If necessary, a proxy statement (download here) can be attached to the compliant together with copies of the delegator’s and delegate’s ID cards. Complaints should be sent to the Public Relations Office or posted in one of the dedicated mailboxes in the hospital.
  • contact the Public Relations Office staff;
  • fax +39 091 21 92 432
  • e-mail
  • delegate a volunteer or patient association, following the above process.

Suggestions for Submitting a Complaint Form

  • Complaint forms should be filled out thoroughly.
  • Specify if you are submitting a complaint, comment, or other.

How to File a Complaint and Complaint Turnaround Time
The Public Relations Office will conduct an internal survey and file a formal reply to the user within 60 days.

Who can submit a complaint/comment/suggestion/proposal:

  • citizens/users age 18 or older, personally involved or affected by the event;
  • citizens/users age 18 or older on behalf of a family member or partner with a proxy statement and a copy of the delegator’s and delegate’s ID cards;
  • volunteer or patient association delegated by the user with the relevant form.