Pediatric Program

A Pediatric Liver, Kidney, Lung Transplantation and Abdominal Surgery Program is active at ISMETT. ISMETT’s services are also available to patients who do not require a transplant but suffer severe abdominal diseases.

ISMETT’s Department for the Treatment and Study of Pediatric Abdominal Diseases and Abdominal Transplantation is also:

  • Regional reference center for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of rare and autoimmune diseases of the metabolism of the liver and biliary tract of pediatric patients.
  • Regional reference center for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of congenital liver and abdomen malformations.

The Pediatric Unit hosts patients from 0 to 18 years of age. The unit is managed by the Department’s specialists.

The pediatric area is located on the first floor (Building 10). In order to guarantee a more child-friendly environment, the unit has a dedicated playroom and a “school in hospital“ service, and Sky Kids TV channels available in all pediatric patient rooms.

The unit hosts both children requiring abdominal surgery and those suffering chest diseases.

During the child’s hospital stay one of the parents will always remain with the child, also during the night.

Our team is in any case in constant contact with the parents of our little patients.

See contacts below to reach our pediatricians.


Fax: + 39 091 2192 400