Chart of Pediatric Patient’s Rights

ISMETT guarantees the rights of vulnerable patients and minors by the adoption of international protection protocols.

Underage patients have the right to

  • Receive proper care
  • Receive care by specifically trained health care staff
  • Be treated without discrimination
  • Always have a parent or family member present, as long as it is in compliance with the regulations of the individual unit
  • Maintain relationships, and be hospitalized in dedicated areas where it is possible to study, socialize, and play
  • Maintain connections with school in case of long-term hospitalization
  • Have kind and caring staff, who respect their privacy
  • Receive information on health conditions and procedures in clear terms, suitable to the child’s development and age
  • Be protected by a juvenile judge if the guardian refuses to consent to diagnostic or therapeutic treatments deemed necessary for the life of the minor
  • To receive an authorization by the Juvenile Court to stay with a family member in the Italian territory for a set period of time if the patient is an illegal immigrant with severe health conditions
  • To receive various kinds of support as needed