Pediatric Abdominal Surgery

Director: Jean de Ville de Goyet

The Unit covers all pediatric abdominal surgical activity, particularly liver, biliary tract and pancreas surgery.  Treatments include: malformation, tumor, trauma, obstruction, infectious and parasitic diseases requiring liver, pancreas, biliary tract and vessels of the portal and splanchnic venous and abdominal arterial systems.


Mini-invasive and laparoscopic gallbladder and biliary tract surgery. Abdominal tumor surgery.
Surgical treatment of portal hypertension for portal cavernoma patients with a Meso-Rex bypass (Prof. Jean de Ville de Goyet’s original technique).


Liver cysts and tumors.
Abdominal tumors.
Bile tract malformations (biliary atresia, common bile duct cysts).
Biliary obstruction.
Biliary and pancreatic lithiasis.
Chronic pancreatitis.
Biopsy diagnosis.
Liver and pancreas trauma.
Vascular malformations and angioma of the abdominal and hepatic region.
Portal hypertension.
Portal cavernoma.


Any type of hepatectomy.
Kasai procedure (portoenteroanastomosis).
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy.Biliary tract exploration.
Choledochal cyst excision.
Other biliary tract derivations.
Portal derivations (various types of portosystemic shunts).
Meso-Rex bypass.
Partial and total pancreatectomy.
Pancreatic duct derivations.


Biliary tracts
Portal system