PNRR Missione 4 – MUR

Avviso pubblico “Partenariati Estesi”

INF ACT” One Health Basic and Translational Research Actions addressing Unmet Needs on Emerging Infectious Diseases


PNRR Missione 6 – Ministero della Salute

Avviso pubblico “Valorizzazione e potenziamento della ricerca biomedica del SSN”

A dynamic evaluation of chronic heart failure prognosis: the MECKI score

Hypothermic Oxygenated Perfusion To Reduce Tumour Recurrence After Liver Transplantation In Patients With Hepatocarcinoma

Spine Unit modelling coupled with hIgh Throughput analysis (SUIT): targeting degeneration with cell secretom

Exploiting the power of human induced pluripotent stem cell extracellular vesicles as a new anti-inflammatory drug for lung ischemia reperfusion injury

A 360-degree view of integrated diagnostic tools for precise pancreatic cancer diagnosis and prediction of response to treatment