Alessandra Vieni

Dr. Vieni has been a nuclear medicine physician at ISMETT since April 2004, and since April 2006 has been the Director of the Nuclear Medicine Service.  In October-December 2004 she completed her training at the Nuclear Cardiology Department of the Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh. She began the nuclear medicine program at ISMETT with dedication and special attention on quality programs and radioprotection of patients and staff.  Dr. Vieni focuses on employing functional information of scintigraphy procedures to assist and complete the diagnostic process of patients in pre-transplant or pre-surgical work-up.

Since the beginning of her clinical activity she has cooperated with the cardiology team, performing numerous nuclear cardiology studies, necessary for the stratification of coronary risk in heart disease patients and patients in pre-surgical (transplant and/or major surgery) work-up, according to the guidelines of the main national and international associations.   He has been a member of the Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine (AIMN) since 2000. Dr. Vieni graduated with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Messina (1990-1997). She completed her specialization with cum laude honors in Nuclear Medicine at the University of Messina (1999-2003).

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