Director: Paola Salis

ISMETT’s Nephrology Outpatient Clinic serves:

  • Patients with advanced chronic renal failure for kidney transplant evaluation (deceased and living-related kidney transplantation)
  • Potential kidney donors
  • Patients waiting for a kidney transplant who require periodic clinical re-evaluation
  • Kidney transplant patients (also from other hospitals) requiring post-transplant follow up
  • Patients followed in other units at ISMETT with kidney diseases of different degrees of severity, such as liver or heart transplant patients with renal failure.

Service is provided only to inpatients, and is not available to chronic outpatients. There is no outpatient dialysis service. Hemodialysis treatments are performed at the Dialysis Unit or at the patient’s bedside (in the ICU or Step Down Unit) according to the patient’s conditions.