The Diabetes Service is specialized in the treatment of type 1 diabetes in adult patients, and the diagnosis and treatment of transplant recipients.

The Service also focuses on patient education for the management of diabetes. Patients are educated on how to maintain an optimal metabolic compensation in all daily-life situations, also through the use of technology, with all therapeutic options up to pancreas transplantation (isolated or in combination with a kidney transplant) and pancreatic islet transplantation.

It also provides support to surgical units for the diagnosis and peri-operative management of endocrinological diseases requiring abdominal or thoracic surgery, in addition to support, using dedicated standard protocols, to diabetic inpatients at ISMETT for other conditions.

The unit collaborates with the Clinical Psychology Service and the dieticians.

Main programs:

  • Pancreas transplantation after kidney transplantation and isolated pancreas transplantatio
  • Pancreatic islet transplantation