Cardiac Surgery

Director: Michele Pilato

The Cardiac Surgery and Heart Transplantation Unit treats all cardiovascular diseases, elective, urgent, and emergency cases involving cardiac surgery:

  • Coronary surgery with extracorporeal circulation and beating-heart surgery
  • Valve replacement and reconstructive surgery with standard or minimally-invasive approaches
  • Treatment of thoracic aorta diseases with hybrid (surgical and endovascular) techniques
  • Surgery for congenital heart diseases in adult patients
  • Surgery for heart failure
  • VAD (ventricular assist device)
  • Treatment of acute aortic dissection

The cardiac surgery diagnostic and therapeutic process is supported by a multidisciplinary team, which guarantees the quality of the final outcomes. All outcome data are constantly analyzed by data collectors and data managers of the STS database, and undergo a multidisciplinary verification audit.

According to AGENAS data (based on the Outcome National Program), mortality associated with cardiac surgery procedures performed at IRCCS-ISMETT is very low compared with other Italian centers.