Ilaria Tarantino

Dr. Ilaria Tarantino is the Chief of the Endoscopy Unit of IRCCS ISMETT.

With her almost 22 years at IRCCS ISMETT, she is a leading figure in the field of research and author of numerous publications of international relevance. She is an active member of the European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy committees, and is also involved in quality and training in endoscopy. In addition, Dr. Tarantino is a member of the Cabina di Regia Nazionale (National Control Committee) for the implementation of a network of Pancreas Units.

Prior to her appointment as chief of Endoscopy, Dr. Tarantino was chief of the Echoendoscopy Service of the Endoscopy Unit of IRCCS ISMETT.

She has published over 250 scientific papers, with an impact factor of 26.